Be careful when storing meds and supplements together

Be careful when storing meds and supplements together

Dear Doctor: I take about 9 other drugs and nutritional supplements in line with day. I exploit a tablet container with slots for morning and night time, and it covers a two-week length. Can those meds and supplements be safely saved together? Do they lose efficiency being saved if they are within the container for 2 weeks?

Dear Reader: With 9 other capsules to take every day, our first idea is that you simply must ensure that each and every of the drugs and supplements is essential. If your prescriptions were written via a couple of physician, test together with your pharmacist referring to any duplications. It’s imaginable for a similar prescription to be stuffed each with a brand-name drug and a generic drug. What appears to be like and appears like two other varieties of capsules can, actually, be a double dose of the similar medicine.

storing meds and supplements together

Your pharmacist too can advise you whether or not any of the meds you’re taking have possible for adversarial interactions. We suggest that you simply let her or him find out about of all the nutritional supplements you take. While supplements do not require a prescription for acquire, they may be able to adversely have interaction with pharmaceuticals.

With this amount of capsules on your existence, an up to date record of your entire drugs is a good suggestion. Include the call of the prescribing physician, when the prescription started, the date of the latest fill up and instructions to be used. Bring this record to each and every clinical appointment, together with the dentist. To you’ll want to’re now not hanging your self in peril, display it in your pharmacist when filling a brand new prescription, and on every occasion you upload an natural or nutritional complement in your routine.

And now (we all know — in the end!) in your primary query.

Assuming your drugs and supplements were cleared for possible interactions, it is high quality to retailer them together. Any powder or residue from the capsules or gel caps is sufficiently small to not make a distinction. As for efficiency, two weeks is a brief sufficient time that, so long as you apply the garage specifications of each and every tablet, they must be high quality.

storing meds and supplements together

Which leads us to our subsequent level. How drugs are saved impacts how smartly they paintings. Humidity, mild, air and warmth can each and every have a damaging impact, degrading sure components in capsules. Not handiest can fallacious garage make drugs useless, in sure instances the chemical adjustments that happen will also be unhealthy.

For example, Coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant, can reduce the blood thinning results of substances like warfarin. Valerian, which some folks use for nervousness, can magnify the results of muscle relaxants or sleep drugs. Antivirals to regard HIV/AIDS, some center drugs and some anti-depressants is also much less efficient when eager about St. John’s Wort.

While the bulk can safely be saved at room temperature, learn the literature that accompanies them to make certain. Keep your meds in a fab, dry position, clear of daylight and any supply of warmth or moisture. We advise towards toilets, with fluctuating humidity from showers and baths, or kitchens, with humidity and warmth. Instead, believe a cloth wardrobe drawer or a closet shelf. Wherever you make a decision to retailer your meds, make sure they’re obviously marked and secure from pets and kids.

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